What to expect in the near future

Dear Church Family,

I hope this finds you all very well. I am writing because I’d like to touch base with you in order to explain what we, as a search committee, have learned about what to expect in church during the transition time during which our pastor‐search‐process is proceeding. Broadlyspeaking, there are three main phases of this transition time.

The first transition phase involved pastor Kurt’s leadership and care, as our bridge pastor, through the Easter season. As our time with pastor Kurt is coming to a close, we are nearing our second phase.

The second transition phase will be a relatively short time period where the church will internally fill the pulpit with the added help of visiting pastors who will cover sacraments once a month. At this phase, our church will begin to work with a search‐process consultant, who will guide us through the entire search ‐process as a church family.

The third, and final, phase of the transition process is a period when WFC will be provided with our new bridge pastor. This bridge pastor will focus on providing worship and pastoral care. Barbara Lemmel will simultaneously provide our church with search‐process consultation and leadership during phase three. We will conclude phase three and the search process as a whole once we and have hired our new pastor.

I am happy to announce that our committee has secured Barb Lemmel as our search‐process consultant, and consider ourselves to be both fortunate and thankful to have her here to guide us.

We would like to welcome Barbara Lemmel and give her an opportunity to formally introduce herself, as our consultant, to the church family on the evening of Sunday, May 22nd, from 6:30pm to 8:30 pm, in the WFC Fellowship Hall. Light snacks, beverages and childcare will be provided.

At this time all who are interested, and able, to come will meet Barbara Lemmel. We will work together to kick off our pastor‐search‐process as she guides us through what is called a History Sharing Night. This will provide an opportunity for the congregation to share the narrative of the church’s life and ministry, by creating a timeline together and then telling important stories from that timeline. This process allows the church to recognize its strengths, mourn its losses, celebrate its gifts and discern its growing edges as a faith community. It gives everyone a chance to share together the history of WFC, how God has worked through that history, and how WFC can continue to partner with God in creating the future of the church’s life together.

We hope that many are able to come. If this date and time is inconvenient or impossible for some to attend, please rest assured that you will have additional opportunities to participate with Barbara  Lemmel during our search‐process as it proceeds.

In closing, please do let myself, or any of my fellow search committee members, know your questions, concerns and general thoughts. We are here to serve.

My very best,

Jenn Rousseau‐Wege