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Stories About Heifer International

The dates are not clearly documented in my brain but I think sometime between the summers of 2004 and 2008 two sets of youth from the church spent about 5 days learn-ing about Heifer Interna-tional at their 270 acre teaching farm in Rutland Massachusetts.

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The group I was with was there for 5 days. Each day I was awakened at dawn by the rooster. I have slept through many sounds but the rooster was unpredictable He would crow sometimes every two minutes, sometimes every minute and a half and sometime every 30 seconds – it was never the same – no pattern! However the experience was well worth the early calls. One of the special features was time spent in one of the mock villages. The village I was a part of
modeled on a small village in Peru. The group of leaders and youth were given a hypothetical situation, money to buy food, facilities to prepare food. We spent one evening and one overnight in the mock village. An interesting experience for all of us.
Youth included Sean Beckett, Lillian Coletta, Miranda Haskell Emily Morton Asa and Noah Mease Ethan Hain Lucy Monette, and I cannot recall the name of the young fellow with blond hair.
Ashley Dubois and Trent Coletta were the other leaders.
Farm is filled with gardens and livestock, in-cluding goats, pigs, llamas and more. The farm invites visitors to take part in the hands-on, inter-active programs and activities promoting sus-tainable solutions to global hunger, poverty and environmental degradation. Day visitors are welcome …….. Donna Fellinger
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Elaine was born in Lawrence, MA. She, along with Bill, owned and operated a full service res-taurant in Rockport ME for 18 years as well as created a national mail order business from home. She has worked for the IRS in Customer Service as well as in Public Relations in NYC. Elaine en-joys being hospital volunteer, politics, opera, en-tertaining, baking, baseball (Red Sox) and football (Patriots).
Bill was

Missions Beyond Our Local Community

Mission Of Peace

The Williston Federated Church has sponsored three your to be participants in Missions of Peace:

Elizabeth Dubois to China

Lillian Colletta to India

Ashley Dubois to India

Ashley Dubois was an adult leader in a subsequent Mission to South Africa.

The Mission of Peace is a yearly journey of discovery and Shalom to nations in our global community. sponsored by the Northeast Continue reading Missions Beyond Our Local Community

Kids4Peace News  submitted by Nancy Stone

My, oh, my, how things have changed with Kids4Peace!      Because Williston Federated Church has been so supportive of this organization, and I am entering my 8th year as

art teacher for the Vermont chapter, I shall try to summarize all the recent developments that, to be honest, have had our heads spinning in amazement!     When Kids4Peace first began, the intent was to give children respite from the violence in Palestine and Jerusalem by bringing them to a 10 day summer camp in the United States where they could feel safe and nurtured.  The kids were 10-12 years old of Muslim, Christian and Jewish faiths;  they and their Continue reading Kids4Peace News  submitted by Nancy Stone