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History Night

20160522_184412 (1)The History Night sponsored by the Search Committee ended up being a lot of fun.  Approximately 35 members of the congregation showed up to meet our consultant Barb Lemmel and to participate.

 The exercise was to document of the church through significant events in the Church from 1985 to the present.  A twenty foot roll of paper with a line had been place on the wall.   The first 10 feet was for 1985 to 2005 and the first 10 feet was for 2005 to the present.  The thinking is we would remember more from the last ten years and was probably more relevant as to where we are now.

For a short while the group just looked at the blank expanse.  Then slowly in ones and twos they began to fill in events.  Some were personal-“joined the church”, most were more general-terms of different pastors.  Missions were prominent-our three youths who have done Missions of Peace trips.  Our Mississippi trips.  Mission to South Carolina.  Problems and Celebrations.

 Groups of people would gather to discuss when something happened and one event would prompt the memory of the other. A lot of giggles and wow’s-particularly how time has flown past.  Events that seem so recent are quickly fading into the past. In about an hour the sheet was pretty full.

We spent a little while what we could observe from the timeline.  I think that each person may have had their own take away from the night.  Mine was how strong and resilient the congregation has been in the face of all of the changes we have been through.

The time line is now posted in the Northeast corner of the Fellowship Hall.


May 13 Update

Search Committee Update ~ We are very pleased to announce that the Reverend Barbara Lemmel has accepted a position to join WFC as our church consultant.

We are inviting everyone from the congregation to join us in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday May 22 from 6:30 to 8:30pm. During this time, in addition to welcoming Barb, she will also be reviewing our church history. Where we have been, where we are today and where we want our church to be in the future.
We can’t stress enough how important this time together will be. Both for Barb in developing a strategy for our Church moving forward, as well as, the Search Committee.

Your help is greatly needed on May 22nd. Your input will be very important to the Search Committee as we move forward with the formation of both the Church and Settled Pastor profiles.
The Search Committee will be providing child care; Erica Bliss will be using her donated hours to the Church to provide this service. If you will be using childcare, please email Bob Drive at so we can have a child count.

We look forward to seeing and especially hearing from all of you on Sunday, May 22nd, starting at 6:30pm.
Thank You and Peace,
The Search Committee

The Process

The initial steps in the process of finding a settled pastor is the same for both our denominations.

  1. Say goodbye to the last pastor.
  2. Heal and fix that need healing and fixing with the church.
  3. Discover who we are and where we have been.
  4. Discern where we want to go as a church and the qualities we want in a pastor.
  5. Write these into what is called a church profile.

Continue reading The Process

What to expect in the near future

Dear Church Family,

I hope this finds you all very well. I am writing because I’d like to touch base with you in order to explain what we, as a search committee, have learned about what to expect in church during the transition time during which our pastor‐search‐process is proceeding. Broadlyspeaking, there are three main phases of this transition time.

The first transition phase involved pastor Kurt’s leadership and care, as our bridge pastor, through the Easter season. As our time with pastor Kurt is coming to a close, we are nearing our second phase.

The second transition phase will be a relatively short time period Continue reading What to expect in the near future

May 6 update

Dear Church Family,
I hope this finds you well. I am writing because I’d like to touch base with you regarding our search. I would like to share with you what we, as a search committee, have learned about how the pastor search process will work for WFC. Broadly speaking, there are four main phases.
The first phase involved pastor Kurt’s leadership and care, as Bridge Pastor, through the Easter season. As our time with pastor Kurt is coming to a close, we are nearing our second phase. The second phase is a short time period where the church will internally fill the pulpit. The third phase of the search process is a time period when WFC will be provided with a new bridge pastor, who will provide pastoral care. During this final phase our church will also work with a separate individual who will consult with us and help lead our church through the search process.
During all of these phases, the pastor search committee meets frequently and tackles a lot of behind-the-scenes work that is necessary to accomplish our goal of finding a new pastor. To help maintain open lines of communication, we will post a timeline in the church building that visually represents the search process phases and shows progress made as well as steps still yet to be taken. When this has been created and posted, I will make an announcement in church explaining where to find it and how to understand it. In closing, please do let myself, or any of my fellow search committee members know your questions, concerns and general thoughts. We are here to serve.
My very best,
Jenn Rousseau-Wege