Church Officers and Official Board

Church Officers

Lay Leader                              Ashley Dubois

Treasurer                                 Donna Goodheart

Financial Secretary                Barb Bristol

Recording Secretary

Official Board

2nd Tuesday of the month, 7 pm

The Official Board is responsible for the spiritual and material welfare of the parish. In cooperation with the various committees, the Official Board engages in planning programs and directing the ministry of the parish. The Board acts on all recommendations made to it by the various committees, and helps coordinate committee efforts. It is responsible for appointing members to all ad hoc committees, to fill committee vacancies, and to individual tasks. It is responsible for all affairs which are not specifically delegated to other committees and officers.

    2017                                   2018                                               2019

Sara Moran                     Denise Johnson                     Rebecca Dubois

Bob Driver                        Shelly  Marshall 

Gayle Goodwin

Nancy Rice

Lois Mason


   2017                                         2018

 Lorraine  Dreibelbis          Susan Lamb

Diane Davis


Non Elective Positions

Archivist                                                     Ginger Isham

Communion Steward Coordinator       Rebecca Dubois

Communion Stewards                                  Shelly Marshall

                                                                                     Robin Colletta

                                                                                      Vicki Truman

                                                                                      Corrine Nye

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