Fall 2021 – Lesson 1

Creation: The Earth

Bible Story:

Genesis 1:1-19

Bible Verse:

God saw everything he had made: it was supremely good. (Genesis 1:31)


The Creation stories in Genesis are beloved narratives developed by a community of faith engaged in theological reflection about the origins of all things. They do not need to be understood literally to be appreciated for the emphasis on God’s relationship to each and every part of creation. Indeed, God was intimately involved with Creation and declared it is supremely good.

The opening verses of Chapter One reveal the miraculous transformation from darkness and lack of shape to a formed cosmos with light, sea and sky, land and water, and all kinds of vegetation. Imagine hearing the good news of God’s creative power in times of trial and suffering—a God who can create order and life out of formlessness and light from darkness is surely a source of great hope.

How did God create all things? God spoke. Genesis affirms the decisive and creative power in God’s Word. Seemingly without effort, God brings creation into existence by simply speaking and it is done.

In this lesson, help your children gain a better appreciation for these early acts of God’s creative power as evidence of God’s care and careful planning for creation.

Exploration Points:
• God creates all things.
• We are all part of creation, and we all have
responsibilities to God’s creation.

Activity Sheet Downloads: