Fall 2021 – Lesson 12

Jacob’s Ladder

Bible Story:

Genesis 28:10-22

Bible Verse:

The Lord bless you and keep you. (Numbers 6:24)


Jacob was on his way from Canaan to Haran, Abraham’s homeland. This long journey was especially taxing for someone who hadn’t traveled very far before. Given all of the events that had passed, Jacob likely had a lot ] of thinking and processing to do on this journey. And in our dreams, we are often processing questions, problems, and future tasks.

In this dream, God was revealing to Jacob something that happens all the time: God’s continual involvement in the world and God’s sending angels on missions. While we cannot see them, they are still at work in the world on behalf of God.

Jacob must have been feeling very anxious about his situation. He had lied to his father, cheated his brother, made Esau want to kill him, and was leaving the Promised Land. But God stepped in to reassure Jacob that all was not lost. God was still at work in Jacob’s life—not because Jacob deserved it but because God desired to work through Jacob for God’s plan and purpose. Indeed, this dream was a special message of encouragement for Jacob directly from God.

God promised to be with Jacob, just as God had promised to be with Abraham and Isaac, even though Jacob was in a shameful place. This reassurance is good news to us, who may find ourselves faltering. In those situations, God is still with us. In this lesson, help your children understand that even when we separate ourselves from God, the Lord calls us back and desires to love and bless us.

Exploration Points:
• God loves us and seeks us out, even when we’ve made mistakes.
• A life with God can have special, holy moments.

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