fall 2021 – lesson 2

Creation: Living Things

Bible Story:

Genesis 1:20-25

Bible Verse:

God saw everything he had made: it was supremely good. (Genesis 1:31)


The Creation story continues to unfold, revealing how God created all things in an orderly fashion with everything in its place. In the first three days, God laid the foundation for all things. Over the next three days of Creation, God built upon this foundation. It was like the way an artist may first draw an outline and then color in the details. For instance, on the second day, God makes the dome separating the waters to create the sky and sea, and on the fifth day God filled the seas with living creatures and made birds to fly in the sky. God creates in an orderly fashion.

In the account of the fifth day, Genesis uses the word “create” for the first time since the opening line of the chapter to describe God’s creating living things. It is significant that the verb “create” is used to describe the amazing variety of living things in the world. It reminds us that God chose to make a great diversity of living things. Every living thing is God’s creature.

Just as the fifth day colors in the outline from the second day, the sixth day continues to build on the work from the third day, when dry land appeared and plants and fruit trees began to grow. On the sixth day, God made every kind of living thing that lives on land and eats from the plants and trees. Genesis mentions three categories of creatures—wildlife, livestock, and creatures that crawl on the ground—revealing once again God’s orderliness as each living thing belongs to a specific category.

Exploration Points:

• God makes all living things.
• We can wonder at and be at awe of God’s creation.

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