Fall 2021 – Lesson 4

Creation: Adam and Eve

Bible Story:

Genesis 2:10 – 3:24

Bible Verse:

God saw everything he had made: it was supremely good. (Genesis 1:31)


The Creation story found in Genesis 2 complements the story in Genesis 1. Whereas Genesis 1 uses broad strokes to describe the creation of the whole cosmos, Genesis 2 is more focused. Genesis 2 is the Creation story told from another perspective.

When God created the human being called Adam, God put Adam in charge of tending God’s garden. Still, as the human names the animals, it is clear none of them will make a good helper; and so God creates woman.

It is important to note the word “helper” does not imply being subordinate. Indeed, throughout Scripture, God is described as a helper. Into this garden where the man and woman lived and cared for the land a talking snake entered. It shrewdly twists the one restriction placed on humanity to make it seem like God was far less generous than God actually was. Eve eventually gave in and ate from the forbidden tree. Then Adam did too.

Even after their clear and outright disobedience, God still showed kindness and care for Adam and Eve by clothing them. It is a powerful lesson for all: When we make mistakes, even seemingly epic mistakes, God does not abandon us. God still loves us.

In this lesson, help your children consider the importance of their choices and yet an assurance of knowing that nothing can separate them from the love of God.

Exploration Points:
• God loves us in all situations.
• We should do our best to make good choices.

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