Fall 2021 – Lesson 9

Jacob and Esau

Bible Story:

Genesis 25:19-28

Bible Verse:

The Lord bless you and keep you. (Numbers 6:24)


After the death of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac began a new family with Rebekah. Like some families, Isaac and Rebekah had trouble getting pregnant. So, Isaac prayed to God for help. Eventually, Rebekah became pregnant.

Rebekah also prayed to God when she felt the two babies struggling with each other inside her. This moment shows that prayer was not exclusively the right of men. Rebekah did not need to leave prayer to her husband or go through him to pray to God. Instead, she had the freedom to go straight to God with her concerns. With the high mortality rate in childbirth, we can assume that Rebekah was scared or anxious about what was happening to her. We don’t know how Rebekah went about praying to God, but we do know that she got a response.

Rebekah learned through prayer that her pregnancy troubles were because she was carrying twins. Isaac’s prayer for children was doubly answered! But she was carrying not just twin babies but the patriarchs of two nations. Keep in mind that the original hearers of this story would have understood God’s explanation of what was happening in Rebekah’s womb, because they were descendants of Jacob (later called Israel). Recalling their own history, the hearers could understand how, from the very beginning, these two nations were struggling with each other.

Exploration Points:
• God invites us to pray.
• We can talk to God any time, anywhere.

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