Williston Federated Church
Nominating Committee
Determined by members of the committee. Begin meeting in February and conclude nominations by mid-May.

The aim of the committee is to compile a list of nominees for leadership positions in the church; to fill expired terms (usually three?year terms) for each of the church committees; and to confirm continued terms of all other committee members.
The Nominating Committee consists of three members from the congregation (one being elected each year by the members) and the Pastor, who serves as chair. Each year at the Annual Meeting, the committee presents a slate of nominations for the various permanent offices, committees and boards. If a vacancy occurs in any committee, the Official Board temporarily fills the vacancy until the next Annual Meeting. The committee nominates a person for only one Standing Committee position at any one time.
We seek the help of all other committees to prepare a list of talents that each church committee needs in order to accomplish its stated goal.
Donna Goodheart
Rebecca Dubois
Sylvia Maloney
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