Memories of Louise Whitcher from the Williston Community

Louise was a social worker in Boston. Somehow she met and married Wendell Whitcher and came to live in Vermont.   With this marriage she found herself in the midst of a family with 3 or maybe 4 children from ages 5 to the teen years.

She later became a counselor at Essex High School.   Her           experiences there put her in a special position to give support to families in the community with children especially teens. Ginger Isham remembers Louise’s help with Ginger’s oldest daughter; Trudy Anderson recalls how Louise gave her support when she adopted 2 children born in Korea.

Louise long had been interested in cooking and having meals with friends, so she had many great recipes to add to the Women of the Church Cook Book.

Other food interests included reaching out to people in the community. She was coordinator for Meals on Wheels in Williston long before computers. She gave personal attention to the people in need and the people who delivered the meals.

Another memory is about her help with the Williston Federated Church Chicken Pie Supper. She was the primary caller for the food donations for the famous supper and she had such a way with her voice and words that when she called to ask people to cook they almost always became willing to cook many pounds of potatoes or bake a dessert pie or even make a chicken pie.

No one is sure how many years but for many years Louise did the card ministry at church,   sending thank you notes, Birthday cards and cards offering condolences, support and  encouragement.   Based on the memories of some church folk she even continued writing notes when her arthritis severely limited her activity and she was unable to attend church services. For a few years tapes of the church service would be brought to her home in Williston Woods.

The Williston Historical Society received many historic items from Louise, small toys, special items of clothing, and a high chair that Wendell’s family had used when he was a toddler. These items are located in the Vermont Room at the Dorothy Alling Library in Williston.

As Louise’s activity became more limited, church members helped her move to Falcon Manor and then Green Mountain Nursing Home. Birthday parities for her were held at Green       Mountain. Barb Powell visited her often through the many years she was at the nursing home. She died in 2011.

If anyone reading this has more stories about Louise, please send them to or give a call 802-355-1700



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