Mission and Social Concerns

3rd Wednesday of the month. No meetings are usually scheduled for July and August.

The aim of this committee is to distribute church mission funds according to our budget, review the programs we support, look for and publicize opportunities for members of the church to be personally involved in mission in the community as well as the world. We also sponsor discussion of current social concerns issues and bring in speakers to elaborate.
According to our church mission statement, "Our church is a community which responds actively to human need and it goes into the world to live lovingly and justly as servants of Christ." As members of the Mission and Social Concerns Committee, we are charged with being leaders in helping the congregation fulfill this statement. To this end, we have been working at: distributing church mission funds according to the annual budget; reviewing the programs we support; publicizing opportunities through a church bulletin board, newsletter, and bulletins for members of the church to be personally involved in mission in the community; and sponsoring discussion of current social concerns.
     2017                                            2018                        
June Simmons                          Ken Stone
Larry Pillsbury                          Carol Wyatt
Ann Wadsworth