Pastor Barb’s Weekly Msg 2/12/17

Grace and peace to you all!

Again this week, I share this prayer from Steve Garnaas-Holmes on Sunday’s lectionary readings.  May these words nurture your life, in body and soul.

 I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Choose life so that you and your descendants may live.

—Deuteronomy 30.19
You have heard, “You shall not murder,” but I say if you are angry you are out of tune with God’s mercy.
—Matthew 5.20-21

God help me to truly love:
to let go of getting my way,
to let go of being right,
let go of my agenda
even to be just and righteous,
to satisfy you…
and instead to love people,
to choose life— not for me
but for them.
Share with me your love
that I may live for others’ sake
and all my choices be
for the sake of their life,
their deep and free and abundant life,
trusting that you have already chosen life for me.


Pastor Barb’s Message Week 1/27/17

Pastor Barb’s Weekly Message 

Grace and peace to you all!


This Sunday’s gospel reading is the Beatitudes, Matthew 5:1-12.  They are the beginning verses of the Sermon on the Mount, a three-chapter sermon on how to live as God’s people, that Jesus gives at the start of his ministry.  As I have been putting together thoughts for the sermon, I came across this quote from Roland Walls, the founder of a Scottish monastic community:


“To follow Jesus is to walk, step-by-step, not knowing what may be asked of you in the next quarter of an hour.  There is no book — (not even) the Sermon on the Mount will tell you exactly what you must do at any given moment.  You have to keep your eyes wide open to discern that somehow the way before you is a way of love …  That is an exciting and exacting and exhausting way to live … God’s will for you in the next moment comes each time as a gift.”


“Keep your eyes open … that the way before you is a way of love.”  Those words have caught my heart, this week.  In the midst of political news that feels like the opposite of love – and in the midst of the ordinary joys and frustrations of work and life and relationships, these words are a guidepost for me: keep seeking to walk the Way of Love.


How does that Way of Love work out, exactly?  I can’t tell you precisely what it will look like today.  In my life, or in yours.  And yet, as we move forward one step at a time, in prayer and in hope, sharing our journey together, the Way of Love is revealed.  We are each given a part in the tending and the healing of our world.  No matter what situations and forces rage around us, we can always choose the Way of Love.  And as we do, God is made visible and tangible in our own lives, and the lives around us.


Pastor Barb’s Message 1/20/17

Grace and peace!

Today is the inauguration of a new president.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes takes this opportunity to ponder a different inauguration: our commitment to live a faithful life, focused on loving God and others and self, dedicated to serving Jesus in the least among us, offering the Spirit of Grace and Justice to the world.  May these words help to center us in our faith, even in complicated and uncertain times.  May they help us be true to our deepest citizenship: members of the body of Christ.

Today, God, you create me anew;
today I inaugurate a new life.
By the power invested in me by the Holy Spirit
I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute
your call in my life, and will to the best of my ability
uphold your commandments.
I will act with love and gentleness,
with reverence and forgiveness toward all people.
I will practice humility, generosity and truthfulness.
I will honor and delight in the diversity of the human family,
respecting the true unity of all people
and the oneness and sacred worth of all living things.
I pledge to live, speak and act for justice and peace.
I accept the power you give me
to resist evil, injustice and oppression
in whatever forms they present themselves.
I will stand against all violence, disrespect and bullying.
I will speak out against meanness,
give voice to those who are silenced,
and include those who are outcast.
I acknowledge that I shine with your light, O God,
that my life is not mine but yours.
This day I pledge to do your will, not mine,
for your sake and the sake of the healing of the world.
I understand that this pledge
will often set me against my culture,
and that the culture will resist me.
With your help and those of like mind and heart,
I will persevere.
I give you thanks. I ask your blessing. I trust your grace.

The Trustees Work on the Fellowship Attic

Gil Rodes, Will Metro, Paul Bouchard, also Don Thurston and Tony Lamb ( not pictured)

Most Wednesday and Saturday mornings, a group of folks are working to re-insulate the ceiling of the Fellowship Hall.  Insulation comes in standard widths and is expected to fill the gap between beams that run the width of areas like the Fellowship Hall.   Above the Fellowship Hall, engineered beams were used instead of standard with lumber.  These beams look like the iron I-beams we are all familiar with.  They tend to be stronger and cheaper than standard lumber.

Unfortunately, their body is narrower than the standard beam and when placed at standard widths, and insulated with standard insulation, they leave a gap making it easier for heat to escape into Continue reading The Trustees Work on the Fellowship Attic

Search Committee Begins Reviews

 Review of Candidate Profiles.

The Search Committee has begun the next phase of the process of calling a settled Pastor.

After we submitted the “profile” of our church, the denomination posted a cover letter we had written, together with two photos we submitted on their website.  Prospective candidates can search the website for opportunities that they are interested in.   If our church meets their search criteria, they read what in essence is a summary of our profile.  If they have interest they can then request a copy of our full profile which is sent to them electronically.  It they are still interested they can then request a copy of their own Pastoral Profile be forwarded to us.  The conference reviews their profile first to be Continue reading Search Committee Begins Reviews


Membership Opportunity Coming Soon

All are welcome here at WFC. Being a full member of the church is not a requirement for participation in all aspects of worship, serving on committees, providing outreach and service to others. It is an opportunity to make a public statement of Christian witness.

If you are new to the church community, or have been worshiping with us for years, and are interested in joining the church, there will be an informational meeting Feb. 5th in the sitting room, beginning right after worship and concluding at noon. Child care will be available. Continue reading Membership