Pastor Barb’s Weekly Message 9/03

Pastor Barb’s Weekly Message

Grace and peace to you all!

Like you, I’ve been horrified this week by the pictures and stories coming out of Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.   What can we do to make a difference for these brothers and sisters in need?  The answer from relief agencies is simple and consistent:  right now, please donate money.  While there will be a time when donations of physical items (blankets, food, flood buckets, etc) and work teams will be helpful, right now the most urgent need is to fund the on-site relief efforts.

Most relief organizations use part of what’s donated to them to cover their overhead costs.  But the relief organizations of the UMC (UMCOR: United Methodist Committee on Relief) and the UCC Disaster Ministries utilized 100% of what is given in the affected location; the overhead costs are covered by denominational funds.

You may give to these organizations two ways:  bring an offering to church on Sunday and put it in the offering plate (we’ll have a special one for Harvey recovery).  Or give online:

We’ll keep you posted as other relief opportunities emerge.  Thank you for your caring for those in need!


Weekly Message Pastor Barb 8/27

Weekly Message from Pastor Barb

Grace and peace to you all!

This Sunday’s scripture reading contains Romans 12:2:

 Do not be conformed to this world,
but be transformed by the renewing of your minds,
so that you may discern what is the will of God—
what is good and acceptable and perfect.
—Romans 12.2

How are we to live as Christians in American culture?  That is some of what I’ll explore in Sunday’s message.  In the meantime, I offer these words from my colleague Steve Garnaas-Holmes as he wrestles with this question.  May it spur your own thoughts and prayers!

Society presses upon you to copy
dress and manner, thought and value,
what will anger or attract you.
Ignore it. It’s fear whining for company.
It’s a shield against celestial radiation.
Tune out the market’s frantic clatter.
Be changed by a new way of thinking:
not thinking: an opened awareness,
a mind of wonder and gratitude
and the strangeness of being loved.
Conform to nothing but the grace of God.
Each moment the Mysterious Blessing
dawns in you, allows a newness,
sings a song their ears can’t hear.
Let the Great Love in you make harmony.
The tune is already there,
the ear and the voice.
Let it meld in perfect harmony.
Passersby will hear a song from your door
that’s lovely, good and beautiful,
the delight of God.



Join Us at the Corn Roast

Corn Roast September 23rd

Save the date. Plan to join your WFC family for a corn roast and potluck supper Saturday, September. 23rd at 5:30 PM. Please bring your lawn chair a dish to share and invite a Image result for Corn Roast Cartoon friend. We will gather on the front lawn of the church (weather permitting) or in Fellowship Hall.

There will be games for all ages.  Please sign up on the bulletin board or RSVP to Carol Bouchard 862-7400 so that we might know how much corn to buy. Sponsored by the Membership Committee.

Candidate Weekend 7/23/17

Reverend Paul Eyer’s  Candidate Weekend

Reverend Eyer ~ Sermon Only

Candidate Sunday Entire Service

Part One of Four

Part Two of Four

Part Three of Four

Part Four of Four

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