Pastor Barb’s Message 1/1/17

Grace and peace!

It’s the fifth day of Christmas (“Five go-old rings”).  The songs of the angels are still echoing in the sky as the Christmas story shifts from shepherds to Magi who, according to Christian tradition, show up to worship the baby Jesus on the 12th day of Christmas, January 6th.

My colleague Steve Garnaas-Holmes has imagined this prayer Magi might have pondered in their journey toward the star.  His words describe my own hopes for how I can live my faith in the coming year.  May it spark your own pondering and reflection, too.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

 God of truth, open my eyes to your light
and give me faith to follow,
to seek signs of your grace, to notice,
in nature, in dreams, in people.
Give me devotion to seek your presence,
to come close to you, to drew near.
Give me faith to forsake all else that glitters
and follow the light of your love alone.
Give me resolve to leave the familiar
and make of my life a holy pilgrimage.
Give me humility to ask directions,
to seek help from other seekers.
Give me steadfastness to seek and not turn back,
despite challenges of distance and strangeness.
Give me courage to stand against Empire
and its desire to use me.
Give me generosity to give of my gifts.
Give me insight to bow to holiness
in whomever I may see it.
Give me wisdom and readiness to go by a new road.
God of love, may this day be a new life,
guided by the light of your presence,
led by wonder, trust and love. Amen.



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