Pastor Barb’s Message 1/15/17

Grace and peace!

 I slept and dreamt that life was joy.  I awoke and saw that life was service.  I acted and behold, service was joy.                               Rabindranath Tagore

We are beginning a new adventure at Williston Federated Church:  for the next few months we will take turns sharing our gifts and passions with the children of WFC, working together to provide a multi-faceted, diverse education experience for our Sunday School.

Each of us has gifts from God that we offer in service to the world around us.  Some of us cook; some build; some paint; some sing; some travel; some garden.  And that’s only the tip of the iceberg of the myriad gifts present at WFC!  Each of you can tell stories of how, when you offer yourself in service, you do not just help others. You also receive blessings from those you serve, and the satisfaction and joy of using your God-given talents.

As you may already know, at the end of 2016 Karen Allen stepped down from the position of Christian Education Coordinator, after several years of faithful and dedicated service (Thank you, Karen!).  At this time, no one has come forward to this position.  So the Christian Ed committee is inviting persons in congregation to spend one Sunday with the Sunday School, sharing something they feel passionate about and how it relates to their faith.  This weekly sharing will happen in the months of February – May (Susan Lamb is working with the Sunday School during January, to give time to set up the teaching rotation).  During last Sunday’s worship I offered this invitation to the congregation, and we already have about half the Sundays covered.

Today I’m making that invitation again.  What do you love to do?  What activity makes you glad to be alive and glad to be part of God’s world?  Will you spend one Sunday sharing that activity and love with our Sunday School children?

The Christian Education committee and I will work with you to develop your passion into a 45 minute Sunday School program.  There are craft supplies and audiovisual resources available, and folks from Christian Ed will be available on Sunday mornings to help.  We’re asking for programs that are particularly relevant to elementary and middle-school age children, though you’re welcome to include the youngest four-year-olds also.

I believe this rotation benefits WFC in many ways.  It offers the children a wide experience of all the ways that God works through us to bring love to the world.  It offers the adults a chance to share their passion and their faith, which deepens and enriches our own sense of being part of God’s purposes.  It connects us to each other across generations and interests so that we come to know each other better and experience the rich diversity present in this church.

What gift do you have to offer?  How will you be part of this adventure? Sign up on the bulletin board at church, or send me an email at, or be in touch with the church office.  Be part of what God is creating at WFC!

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