Pastor Barb’s Message 4/30/17

Grace and peace to you all.

“Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.” Matthew 18:20

Sunday’s gospel reading is the story of two disciples walking to the village of Emmaus, outside Jerusalem, on the evening of the first Easter.  As they walk, dazed and confused by the events of that tumultuous day, they are joined by a third person whom they invite to have dinner with them.  Not until this stranger breaks bread and shares it with them do they recognize that it is Jesus, and that they’ve been blessed with his presence, his teaching, his inspiration, and his peace.

During the next few weeks, the Stewardship Team here at WFC will be bringing us stories, in worship and through the mail, of how this congregation has embodied the presence of Jesus for each other, again and again.  This week’s letter from Larry Pillsbury should arrive in your mailbox tomorrow; last Sunday we heard from Heather Lewis and this Sunday Deb Beckett will speak in worship.

What a joy to hear how our support and our companionship, as we walk our faith journeys, can be the embodiment of Jesus’ love!  What a privilege to hold the Holy for each other.  Often we take this holiness for granted, and it’s only when something opens our eyes – sharing in communion, caring for each other in times of pain, working together to make the world a better place – that we recognize Christ in our midst.

I hope you are enjoying these letters and stories as much as I am.  May these be part of God’s grace-full blessing of our life together at WFC!

(If you are not receiving the letters in the mail and wish to do so, please contact Sally in the church office: or 878-5792.)


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