Pastor Barb’s Message 5/7/17

Grace and peace to you all!

 “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.  He leads me … He restores my soul.” Psalm 23:1-3

I can tell I’ve been at WFC for awhile, because when I read Psalm 23, in my mind’s eye I see the marvelous banner that hangs in the front of the sanctuary (thank you, Trudy Anderson!).  It beautifully illuminates the hope, peace, and calling of this beloved psalm.

This week you’ll receive a letter from Matt Bliss as part of the Consecration Sunday campaign.  When Matt describes the values of WFC that make a difference in his life and his family’s life – humility, welcome, love, hope – I hear echoes of Psalm 23.  We are beloved by the One who is our Shepherd, and as we follow our Shepherd, we offer love and hope to the world around us.

As you prepare for Consecration Sunday on May 21, I invite you to pray this prayer by Steve Garnaas-Holmes.  What do you hear, when you quiet your soul beside God’s still waters?  How is the Shepherd calling you to share your life, your resources, your love with WFC and with the world?

Gentle shepherd,
you who lead me to abundant life,
to live so others also may follow
and find green pastures:
help me know your voice,
recognize your calling,
hear my name.
Give me grace to listen
for your voice,
deep within,
so quiet, yet so clear,
the voice of One who leads,
leads to still waters,
leads through deathly valleys,
leads through all suffering, all joy,
leads to abundant life,
you whose very life is a leading,
whose love is a voice,
speaking to me,
speaking in me.
I quiet my soul.
I listen.

I listen for you.

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