Pastor Barb’s Weekly Message 10/28/16

Grace and peace!

November 1 is All Saints Day.  As we move toward this celebration of those who’ve gone before us, I share these wise words from Barbara Brown Taylor, an Episcopal priest:

What makes a saint? Extravagance. Excessive love, flagrant mercy, radical affection, exorbitant charity, immoderate faith, intemperate hope, inordinate love. None of which is an achievement, a badge to be earned or a trophy to be sought; all are secondary by-products of the one thing that truly makes a saint, which is the love of God.

I invite you to take a few moments in the next few days to consider who has been a saint in your life.  Who has demonstrated extravagant love?  Who has shown hope, mercy, and joy in whatever life has thrown their way?  Who has left a mark of faith on your life that cannot be erased?  Whose life has been so full that even after their death, their fullness still nurtures your life?

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