Pastor Barb’s Weekly Message 11/11

Grace and peace to you.
This has been a tumultuous week, a week of many words and many emotions.  In the midst of it all, I found this wonderful prayer  from Steve Garnaas-Holmes:

God of peace,
give us the courage of warriors,
the strength of saints,
the love of new mothers,
the resilience of gravity,
the patience of breath,
the freedom of children.
May we befriend gentleness
and seek out hope;
may we marry justice
and give our souls to compassion.

God of mercy,
give us your mercy.
God of peace,
give us your peace.

These words express what I long for, that I might be able to show up for all the people God sends my way as I believe Jesus would:  with grace and conviction, with compassion and joy, with justice and love.

May each of us know, deep down, God’s abiding love, Jesus’ steady presence, and the Spirit’s unending hope.  May each of us be, as best we can, the people of Christ who never forget that Love is the Way.

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