Pastor Barb’s Weekly Message 11/18/16

Grace and peace to you all!

This Sunday, November 20, is the last Sunday of the Christian year.  Traditionally, it’s celebrated as Christ the King Sunday.  And I’ll be honest: most years, “Christ the King Sunday” seems like an afterthought.  After all, it usually falls on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, so it often gets lost between the cornucopias and anthems and turkey recipes.  Not to mention the Christmas Bazaar!

But this year, I’m celebrating Christ the King Sunday.  Because I need to be reminded who has ultimate power.  It’s not not presidents or presidents-elect.  It’s not those who breathe violence against people they see as different or threatening.  It’s not the protests.  It’s not even our fear of the future.  It’s God.  It’s Love.  It’s Christ who has the victory.

I’ll be speaking more about about all this on Sunday.  Until then, I offer again wise words from my colleague, Steve Garnaas-Holmes:

The darkness is real.
But we are rescued from its power.
Light shines in us, shining in that dark,
shining from the Beloved within us,
forgiving our darkness by filling us with light.

We are not to generate the light
but to receive it.
We are not to vanquish the darkness,
but to shine in it.

We pray that we may lead lives
worthy of our light.


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