Pastor Barb’s Weekly Message 5/21

Grace and peace to you all.

This Sunday’s worship, on May 21, will be one of many celebrations!

The youth of the church will be leading worship, and we’ll recognize the seniors who are finishing their high school education and moving into the next stage of their becoming adults.

We’ll celebrate this year’s Sunday School, giving thanks to Karen Allen for her leadership last fall and offering our appreciation to all those who’ve contributed to Sunday School this winter/spring. What interesting, varied and inspiring experiences all of these volunteers have provided to our children! The older students will also be participating in the worship service.

And it’s Consecration Sunday, when we make our public commitment to the financial support of Williston Federated Church in the coming fiscal year. Please bring the Estimate of Giving card that you received in the mail this week. After worship we’ll share in a meal in the fellowship hall. By the end of that meal, the Stewardship Team will announce the total received.

All of these are celebrations, even our Estimates of Giving: the gifts we offer on Consecration Sunday are one of the ways we celebrate all that God has given to us, and celebrate our partnership with God in creating WFC as a place that nurtures children and youth, that does mission work in the community and world, and creates a church family of caring and spiritual growth for each of us.

So come and join the celebrations this Sunday! It’s going to be a Spirit-filled day.

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