Pastor Barb’s Weekly Message 5/28

Grace and peace to you all!

On this Memorial Day weekend, a sonnet by Garrison Keillor:

We’re here to honor those who went to war
Who did not wish to die, but did die, grievously,
In eighteen sixty-one and in two-thousand four
Though they were peaceable as you or me.
Young and innocent, they knew nothing of horror —
Singers and athletes, and all in all well-bred.
Their sergeants, mercifully, made them into warriors,
And at the end, they were moving straight ahead.
As we look at these headstones, row on row on row,
Let us see them as they were, laughing and joking,
On that bright irreverent morning long ago.
And once more, let our hearts be broken.
God have mercy on them for their heroic gift.
May we live the good lives they would have lived.

And this message from Bruce Wyatt and the Stewardship Committee:

“Consecration Sunday provided a wonderful affirmation of WFC and our programs and mission. The celebratory luncheon provided by Community Dinners was a real treat. Early results from the Estimates of Giving are very heartening, as we strive to reach our goal of $130,000 in pledges to fund the church in the year beginning July 1. If you haven’t yet returned your card, please do so at worship, to the church office, or directly to Barb Bristol, Financial Secretary. If you need another card, they are available at Sunday worship or through the church office. The stewardship team appreciates your timely return of the cards, to help the congregation in its vote on the new budget at the annual meeting on June 11.”


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