Pastor Barb’s Weekly Message 9/03

Pastor Barb’s Weekly Message

Grace and peace to you all!

Like you, I’ve been horrified this week by the pictures and stories coming out of Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.   What can we do to make a difference for these brothers and sisters in need?  The answer from relief agencies is simple and consistent:  right now, please donate money.  While there will be a time when donations of physical items (blankets, food, flood buckets, etc) and work teams will be helpful, right now the most urgent need is to fund the on-site relief efforts.

Most relief organizations use part of what’s donated to them to cover their overhead costs.  But the relief organizations of the UMC (UMCOR: United Methodist Committee on Relief) and the UCC Disaster Ministries utilized 100% of what is given in the affected location; the overhead costs are covered by denominational funds.

You may give to these organizations two ways:  bring an offering to church on Sunday and put it in the offering plate (we’ll have a special one for Harvey recovery).  Or give online:

We’ll keep you posted as other relief opportunities emerge.  Thank you for your caring for those in need!


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