Spring 2022 – Lesson 4

Jesus Lives

Bible Story:

John 20:1-18

Bible Verse:

I’ve seen the Lord. (John 20:18)


The Christian church has chosen to gather on Sunday mornings to remember the early Sunday morning many years ago when the tomb was discovered empty. Every Sunday morning is a “little Easter” celebration.

Although their accounts differ in details, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John all give an account of the empty tomb. None of the Gospels, however, describe the Resurrection itself. Jesus’ resurrection remains part of the mystery of our faith. Ours is a Resurrection faith, one that does not rely on evidence of how the Resurrection occurred. We know that Jesus is alive because of the witness of those who experienced the presence of the risen Jesus and by our own experiences of Jesus’ presence with us.

In John’s account, it was Mary Magdalene who discovered that the stone in front of the tomb had been rolled away. She ran to tell Peter and the other disciple that the tomb was empty. The second disciple is never named but referred to only as the “other disciple” or the “one whom Jesus loved.” Some scholars believe these references are deliberately vague to be inclusive and represent all of the other disciples. It has also been suggested that these references are to the writer of the Gospel himself. When the two disciples reached the tomb, they verified Mary’s account.

The story then returns to Mary Magdalene, who encountered Jesus but mistook him for the gardener. Only when Jesus spoke Mary’s name did ] she recognize him.

Enjoy celebrating Easter with your children. Easter is a time to celebrate God’s great, never-ending love. Jesus is alive!

Exploration Points:
• Mary Magdalene was the first to see the risen Jesus.
• On Easter we celebrate that Jesus is alive!

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