Spring 2022 – Lesson 8

Believers Share

Bible Story:

Act 4:32-37

Bible Verse:

Happy are those who don’t see and yet believer. (John 20:29)


Today’s Bible story is from the Book of Acts, also known as The Acts of the Apostles. In addition to detailing the early believers’ actions that led to the spread of the gospel, the Book of Acts offers several glimpses into the shared life of the first community of believers. Luke, the author of Acts, tells us, “the community of believers was one in heart and mind” and they shared all their possessions (Acts 4:32). This concept may be difficult for us to imagine. Think about all the Christians in the world today living together and sharing everything. Or even just the people in your church. It’s difficult to understand how that would possibly work.

We know that the early church had its problems. We hear about those later in Acts and the rest of the New Testament. But in the beginning, the believers came together as a community to support one another. The emphasis was on teaching, fellowship, sharing goods, and prayer. The result was that no one was in need and the church gained followers.

The primary purpose of the new believers’ common life together was to nurture Christian community. They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching as the apostles continued to bear witness to Jesus’ life, teachings, and resurrection.

Christians today, like our brothers and sisters of long ago, are called to share what we have with those in need. When our church participated in Heifer International, we were part of a global community of Christians. Our offerings will allow Heifer International to meet the needs of people all over the world.

Exploration Points:
• Early Christians shared what they had with one another.
• We can share with others.

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