Sunday School Lessons

April 11th

Resurrection – Jesus’ resurrection brings new hope.

Bible Story:

Luke 24:13-35


Jesus rose from the dead! His disciples were overjoyed to discover that their teacher and friend had somehow defeated death. But things didn’t just go back to normal. Before the cross, Jesus and his disciples lived and worked together. Essentially, they were always with Jesus and he was always with them. But in the post-resurrection stories, something is different. Jesus appears suddenly, and then just as suddenly, Jesus is gone. Jesus appears in rooms where the doors are locked and then mysteriously disappears once again. While all of these post-resurrection stories are fascinating, today’s Bible story is one of the most unique of these encounters with the risen Jesus.

Two disciples walked on a road to a place called Emmaus. As they walked along, another traveler approached them. The men talked together about everything that had just happened in Jerusalem. The stranger helped the two disciples see that everything they had experienced with Jesus was the fulfillment of prophecy. They sat down together to eat. When the stranger broke the bread, they immediately realized that they had been with Jesus the whole time. Suddenly, Jesus was gone.

Why didn’t they recognize him? How did Jesus appear and disappear? As a teacher, you don’t have to have answers to all the questions that may come up. Instead, show that one thing never changed. Jesus loved his disciples before the cross. Jesus loved his disciples after his resurrection. Jesus loves you too.

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Family Devotion:

Bible Passage: Luke 24:13-35

This week, take a walk. It could be a walk in your neighborhood, a walk in the woods, or somewhere else. As you walk, what do you notice? Do you feel God’s presence in the world around you? How?