Sunday School Lessons

January 24th

Ministry of Jesus – Jesus had compassion on all people.

Bible Story:

John 3:1-21


In John 3, we read about a meeting between Jesus and a Pharisee named Nicodemus. Normally, we think of the Pharisees as “bad guys” in the Gospel stories. But a few Pharisees were open-minded about who Jesus claimed to be. Nicodemus was one such man. Perhaps because he feared his fellow Pharisees, Nicodemus met with Jesus under the cover of night.

Nicodemus’s legal mind is hard at work in his conversation with Jesus. He begins by admitting that Jesus must be a prophet who comes from God. How else could Jesus do the miraculous works everyone was seeing him perform? Jesus uses the opportunity to teach Nicodemus about who really comes from God. To come from God means to be born of God. What does this mean? While Nicodemus wants to get into a theological “head” conversation, Jesus is more interested in Nicodemus’s heart. Knowing God isn’t about having all the right answers. It is about a real and growing relationship with God.

Some who teach this story to children rush to persuade them to make a “profession of faith,” to “be born again.” We often associate John 3:16, the Bible verse for this month, with those kinds of efforts. What may be more helpful for your kids is to understand that Jesus was interested in the hearts of the people he met. God is interested in your heart. God is interested in the hearts of your kids.

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Family Devotion:

Bible Passage: John 3:16-17

Nicodemus came to talk with Jesus at night. For this week’s devotion, turn off the lights and read the Bible passage by candelight!

  • Why did God send Jesus (his Son) into the world?