Sunday School Lessons

October 18th

God’s People – God loves me even if I do what’s wrong.

Bible Story:

Genesis 25:29-34


In today’s session, we come to a rather odd snag in the story of God’s relationship with Abraham’s family. As the eldest son of Isaac and Rebekah, Esau was entitled to the birthright. In that time and culture, the eldest son would receive an inheritance greater than that of the other sons. It’s a practice we see in other parts of the Bible and even in some cultures to this day. We could expect this mighty nation made up of Abraham’s descendants to follow a predictable pattern: Abraham, followed by Isaac, followed by Esau. But that’s not what happens. Instead, Jacob, the younger son, tricks Esau into trading his birthright for some lentil stew! Because of this odd little moment in biblical history, the nation of Israel comes from Jacob and his twelve sons, and not from Esau as one would expect. What should we take away from a story like this? How does it fit with our understanding of what follows in the Bible?

While the story is complex, there are several things the kids in your class can understand from the story. First, what Jacob did was unfair. Jacob was not rewarded for his bad behavior. Instead, God was gracious to Jacob. Jacob is actually his own worst enemy. This action and others like it will make Jacob’s life a struggle at times. But God is always gracious to him and God still has a good plan. That’s something the kids in your class can hear in this week’s Bible story.

Activity Sheet Downloads:


Family Devotion:

Bible Passage: Psalm 136:25-26

Sharing a meal is one of the best ways to enjoy time together as a family! Think about a favorite recipe and make dinner together. To connect your meal to the Bible story, consider making a favorite soup or stew.

Write the recipe down and put it in a safe place. When you look at the recipe sometime later, you’ll remember the special meal you shared together!