Sunday School Lessons

August 1st

Prophets – Prophets spoke for God.

Bible Story:

1 Kings 16:29-30; 17:1-7


Today’s Bible story begins a series of lessons centered around two prophets from the books of 1 Kings and 2 Kings. Prophets were men and women who God called to speak God’s Word to the people. The two prophets in our stories, Elijah and Elisha, were faithful prophets who carried out God’s instructions. But they were both subject to great resistance by those in power. Let’s think about the context for this month’s Bible stories as we get started.

1 Kings and 2 Kings help us to understand that the people of God were being led by very different rulers from one generation to the next. There were good kings, like Josiah whom we studied last month. The good kings loved God and served the people well. Then there were bad kings, like King Ahab, the king we meet in today’s Bible story. The bad kings did not love God, often permitted or encouraged idol worship among the people, and were primarily motivated by things contrary to God’s plan for God’s people. Prophets were called by God to speak truth to power. Ultimately, the continued disobedience of God’s people and the inability of rulers to reign as God intended led the people of Israel into exile in other lands.

It is hard to stand up for things you know are right. Especially when there is pressure all around to be quiet or go with the crowd. Your kids have begun to experience this themselves. Help them to see that when we say and do what’s right, God is able to care for us.

Activity Sheet Downloads:

Family Devotion:

Bible Passage: 1 Kings 17:24

In the Bible, kings were supposed to know God’s words and help people follow God’s commands. But King Ahab wasn’t doing those things. Instead, he made the people follow his own commands. God is the real king. We should follow God’s commands.

Play a fun game like Simon Says, but instead of Simon, appoint someone to be the king or queen. Take turns until every player has been king or queen.