Sunday School Lessons

September 20th

Beginnings – We Can Be Peacemakers For God

Bible Story:

Genesis 13: 1-12


Today’s Bible story comes from Genesis 13:1-12. The story picks up where we left off last week with Abraham and Sarah being called to travel and settle in a new land. Abraham and Sarah owned great herds of livestock. They relocated as a great caravan along with Abraham’s nephew, Lot. Both Abraham’s herds of livestock and Lot’s herds were initially mixed together. But soon, a conflict developed between those herding the livestock.

We don’t know all the details about the conflict, but it likely had to do with land. Perhaps those herding Abraham’s animals felt that Lot’s livestock were getting better fields for grazing. Or maybe it was the other way around. At times, the two groups may have both felt that the situation was unfair.

Whatever the case, we know how Abraham settled the matter. He simply told Lot to either go north or south. Abraham would go the opposite way. Because Abraham chose to share the land with Lot, both were blessed. This is a wonderful moment to show the kids in your classroom that peacemaking often involves sharing and making compromises. This story and the others we read in Genesis show us the history of Abraham’s family and the beginnings of God’s special relationship with his family

Activity Sheet Downloads:

Family Devotion:

Bible Passage: Genesis 12:2

Have each family member share something they know how to do. It could be a recipe, tying a shoe, or turning a cartwheel! Write down what each member shared.

When we share with others, we are a blessing to those we care about.