Sunday School material

May 31st – Pentecost Sunday

Hello Super Sunday School Parents,

Grace and peace to you!

This week’s Sunday School lesson teaches our children about Pentecost and the story of God’s Spirit descending upon the early disciples.

On Pentecost Sunday we commemorate what the Holy Spirit has done.  As we learn in Acts 2: 1-41, when the Holy Spirit came and filled the hearts and souls of the early disciples, they were suddenly able to speak in languages that they had never been taught before.  And what did they do with this tremendous gift? They shared it.  In fact, they ran out into the streets of Jerusalem and spoke about the love of God to people from many different nations – in all of their respective languages.  The Holy Spirit inspired them to go far and wide sharing the good news of God’s transformative and redeeming love.

On Pentecost Sunday, we revel in what the Holy Spirit is currently doing in our lives.  As parents, I think that one of our biggest challenges has been to help our children learn a new language – to learn new ways of feeling connected with friends and family.  Our kids currently live in a world where separation has become the norm and where isolation is necessary for their health and safety.  It’s certainly not an easy way of life for them.  And while it might be physically safe, I’m not sure it’s emotionally safe.  In fact, a friend of mine shared that this was the week when her 5-year-old finally hit his breaking point.  Her son suddenly broke down in tears during a car ride and begged to know when life would “be good again”.

This week, another friend of mine, Heather Lewis, suggested I try out Marco Polo so our boys could connect.  At first, I have to admit, I thought to myself – not another app!  But I trust Heather and know she has good ideas, so I went with it.  I’m so glad I did!  Connor and Henri had a great time passing video clips back and forth, using the app to make their voices sound like hilarious little chipmunks.  It was such a gift to see some joy return to Henri’s face when he watched one of Connor’s clips!  At that moment, I knew he felt love – I knew he felt the power of true connection.

The Holy Spirit invites us into a life of mission: to go and be a blessing.  It’s clear that my friend Heather has accepted that invitation, and I’m so thankful she has!  Just like the early disciples, she shares her gifts freely, and, through God’s Spirit, she reaches out in Love to the world.

As I reflect on the message of Pentecost Sunday, I look forward to what the Holy Spirit will do in our future as we follow God’s call to love deeply, to live boldly, and to practice the art of hope.

And so, my prayer for us all this week is that we might feel God’s Spirit touch our hearts.  May we find time to quiet our minds and listen to hear how God is calling us to share our gifts with one another.

I hope you have fun sharing the attached family devotional and activities with your children.  Happy Pentecost Sunday!

With Deep Blessings,

Jenny Rousseau