The Rainbow Quilt, by Nancy Stone

Picture1A few weeks ago, I was in a dark place wondering about the future if this church. It made me examine the depth of my connection to this church for 45 years.  I found it impossible to list all the reasons Williston Federated Church is at the core of my faith and community.

Last Sunday, I woke at 1:30 a.m. and never went back to sleep as I watched images of rainbow colors play across my mind.  As a symbol of hope and renewal, they eventually came together as a quilt design, with squares in which each person could write about how this faith community is important….how it inspires us to follow Christ, and leads us to be better because we worship and work together,

So, those rainbow colors became a paper quilt that is now in the downstairs Fellowship Hallway.  It awaits your unique hand-writing to express why or how This Church is important to you.  You can start with a verb and write one word or several.  Perhaps children can write or draw in the bottom rows.  It doesn’t have to be completed by a deadline; you can think about it and do it in the future.  But, to be complete and effective, it needs your participation.

Imagine how powerful these affirmations will be when read by new pastors or guests, and how healing they may be for each other.