The Trustees Work on the Fellowship Attic

Gil Rodes, Will Metro, Paul Bouchard, also Don Thurston and Tony Lamb ( not pictured)

Most Wednesday and Saturday mornings, a group of folks are working to re-insulate the ceiling of the Fellowship Hall.  Insulation comes in standard widths and is expected to fill the gap between beams that run the width of areas like the Fellowship Hall.   Above the Fellowship Hall, engineered beams were used instead of standard with lumber.  These beams look like the iron I-beams we are all familiar with.  They tend to be stronger and cheaper than standard lumber.

Unfortunately, their body is narrower than the standard beam and when placed at standard widths, and insulated with standard insulation, they leave a gap making it easier for heat to escape into the unheated attic.  The Trustees solution to this is remove the existing fiber glass insulation and place a proper width of one inch foam board insulation between the beams.  To add a two and half inch piece of foam board insulation along the side of the beam to fill the gap and then replace the fiberglass insulation.  The result is a much better level of insulation.

Over the years several uses for the space above the Fellowship Hall, which was originally engineered and built with future expansion in mind, have been proposed.  One of the first was for a space for us to host Disaster Relief volunteers.  Another was for new space for the Day Care.  Yet another that was explored was for additional classroom space and a choir room.  Trudi Anderson was kind enough to draw details for each of these plans.  Certain constants in these designs suggested changes that have been incorporated into the present work, including location of a new electrical panel, and additional structural beams.  In additional the location of possible shower, kitchen or bathroom facilities have been identified. This has allowed the scope of the present work to include the creation of a ramp for access, the installation of a new electrical panel and the placing of appropriate subflooring in the space.

As future uses for the space become more concrete and funding becomes available a good deal of the preparatory work will have already taken place.

To date roughly two thirds of the insulation is complete and one quarter of the subflooring is in place.  Now that the time consuming early work is complete and we have areas to work off of in the attic, we expect the remainder of the work to go quickly.

The Trustees recognize that this work and this investment in energy savings could not have taken place without your contributions during Lent 2016 to our project fund and we thank you.