Trustees of the Church

1st Wednesday of the month, 7:30 pm

The Board of Trustees manages and directs the real property of the church. The Board comprises eight working members with alternating terms of whom one is elected Chair and another Treasurer. All church members are encouraged to bring concerns or suggestions regarding the church properties to the Trustees for advice and response. The Trustees are responsible for the supervision, oversight, and care of the real property and equipment of the Williston Federated Church and hold responsibility for the efficient management of all funds thus generated. The Trustees are responsible for the contracts and leases of real properties to include issues of safety and energy efficiency. Trustees submit an Annual Report, including financial information and a current budget as well as proposed budget, to the church administration each spring for inclusion in the church Annual Report.
The Board continually welcomes suggestions and support from the church body and welcomes active commitment at any time.
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Carolyn Carlson             Tony Lamb                     Bruce Allen
Bill Skiff                           Don Thurston
Gil Rodes
Joseph Dubois
Chris Long