Winter 2021/22 – Lesson 12

Go Two by Two

Bible Story:

Mark 6:7-13

Bible Verse:

“Come, follow me,” he said. (Matthew 4:19)


This week’s lesson continues the monthly theme of Jesus calling followers or helpers. This lesson is different from the last two weeks’ lessons; instead of calling people to be his disciples, Jesus is sending his disciples out into the world. Jesus sent the disciples out to share the Good News and cure diseases. Today we are the disciples Jesus sends out to share the good news of God’s love.

We often have a picture of Jesus’ disciples following along with Jesus as he taught and healed people. This certainly happened, and there are many stories in the Gospels that show the disciples with Jesus. But today’s story illustrates a different aspect of discipleship. Jesus empowered the disciples and sent them out to spread the Word. Jesus instructed them to take nothing with them—no bread, no money, and no change of clothes. They were to depend on the hospitality of others and to trust in God. As disciples of Jesus, we must learn from Jesus’ teachings but also be willing to go out and spread the gospel, trusting that God will be with us as we do so.

Too often, we hesitate to share the good news of God’s love with others because we are concerned about how our sharing will be received. Jesus warned his disciples that not everyone would welcome their message. What were the disciples to do when they were not welcomed? They were to leave. What should we do if our attempts to share God’s love are not welcomed? It is easy to become discouraged, but we need to remember that we cannot force people to receive God’s love. That is not our job. We need to trust in God to make the connection. With our ] sharing, we may have started a process that will be continued later.

As a teacher of children, you have accepted God’s call to share the Good News with others. You can share God’s love with the children you teach and also help equip them to spread the Good News to others. Help the children recognize ways they can spread the gospel by their actions and their words

Anchor Point:
Jesus calls us to follow Him.

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