Youth Program

Youth Group

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At Williston Federated Church the youth group is made up of youth in grades 6 through 12. Sometimes all grades meet together and sometime the junior and senior highs have individual events or meetings. Highlights of the year are the annual Kick Off, Youth Sunday, the Easter Sunrise service, various community service activities and events, and Lock-Ins. The youth advisors are Matt Bliss, Greta D’Agostino, and Ashley Dubois. You can contact us at


Youth Covenant and Release  This form is good for the full year.  Fill out this form and bring it to your first event.

Youth Group Waiver for Guest In most cases, guests are welcome to attend Youth Group activities and events.  Participating guests must review and agree to these guidelines and expectations, and bring this form (signed by the youth and a parent or guardian) to the event.